Sheckley review by Kev Rowland

Sheckley review by Kev Rowland :

Sheckley are basically a duo, created by Phil Jackson (keyboards, percussion, also in Paradox One) and Richard Gorman (guitar, vocals, percussion), although they are joined by Thierry Sportouche (Silver Hunter) on one song where he provides keyboards and vocals. This is music with a great deal of space within it, and a rawness that one rarely finds within progressive rock. At times I am reminded of Gong, at others Robert Wyatt, while Hawkwind have also been an influence. It also has a lot in common with the more ambient workings of Brian Eno, but never falling into the trap of New Age.

This isn’t always easy music to listen to, with songs such as “Solar Flares” channeling a RIO feel to proceedings with repetitive and contradictory musical themes, with drums that make an appearance here and there almost as an afterthought, but having an important part to play. By the time I had finished playing it the first time I couldn’t actually say that I enjoyed the album, possibly more “endured”, but there was something about it that did make me go through it again. There really is something quite compelling about this, even though it is hard to put it into words. With this one it really is a case of listening to it and everyone making their own decision. Available as a cut-price CD, it is also possible to stream through Bandcamp where you can hear the songs.


Paradox One – Radio play and interview

Radio play news

Playlist 654
The Overflow hosted by Garry Lee is playing ‘The Unknown Unknowns’ by Paradox One

In other news:

Phil has been interviewed by Acid Dragon on his music as Paradox One, his collaborations with Stone Premonitions, with Richard Gorman and Thierry Sportouche in Sheckley and much more.


Paradox One – video and news

Stone Premonitions is now on Facebook and a marvellous video of the track ‘Waiting In Airports’ featuring Maxine Simms is now on You Tube. Watch below;

This song and others from ‘This Fragile Peace’ are garnering a lot of interest. Please support independent artists by buying CDs from labels like Stone Premonitions. The money you give is used to develop more new music and to keep these loss making enterprises alive- it truly is a labour of love. Kevin Heard’s ‘Timelines’ is a case in point, some of the best 80s music you will hear anywhere but few people know about and it’s nice to see Kevin working on a new space rock album ‘Cydonia’.

Paradox One – This Fragile Peace review

Peter Jolly has reviewed the new CD on his website, and you can read it over at; Thanks to everyone for their positive comments on ‘This Fragile Peace’ and please considering purchasing it from Stone Premonitions.

If you do please let me know at and I will ensure you get informed of future projects and that you are able to buy them at cost price- that means P&P plus +50p, no more than £3!

These include a reimagining of the Neurosis years (the ‘Reality Quake’, ‘Dimension of Miracles’ and ‘Alternative Reality’) and also a space rock side project as Coronal Mass Ejection. I have been supporting artists through Kickstarter projects recently but this is more of a thank you for purchasing ‘This Fragile Peace’ which features the playing of gifted ex Clear Blue Sky and Vertigo label guitarist John Simms. The more interest and messages of support there is the more impetus there is for us to get on with what we love doing- producing progressive and thought provoking music!

Radio play for Paradox One – This Fragile Peace

http://getreadytorockradio.comRadio play for Paradox One – This Fragile Peace

Getreadytorockradio will be playing a song from the new album on Sunday 10th May between 8 and 9pm on the Rock Byways show – listen here.

Heemskerk FM played a tune from Paradox One at 9pm Sunday – you can hear there shows online here –


Paradox One presents Waiting In Airports from This Fragile Peace

Paradox One presents Waiting In Airports from This Fragile Peace.


For your listening pleasure here is ‘Waiting In Airports‘, track 4 from “This Fragile Peace”.  The album is available from, with more info at

Review of This Fragile Peace by Paradox One (plus radio play)


PARADOX ONE This Fragile Peace CDR (Stone Premonitions)

Paradox One started out as the solo project of Phil Jackson, releasing four albums via the Neurosis label. Nowadays the project is a vehicle for Phil’s collaborations with other musicians, and on the latest album This Fragile Peace, he has joined up with members of the Stone Premonitions collective, namely Tim Jones and Paddi of Census of Hallucinations, Neon, Body Full of Stars, and The Rabbit’s Hat, and John Simms and Maxine Marten of Clear Blue Sky and Census of Hallucinations. This is an album of atmospheric prog rock with experimental aspects. The music blends heavy and ethereal elements, juxtaposing crunching metal riffage with Maxine’s soaring vocals in tracks like Wheat in the Fields, and quite often the music will shift moods and themes in the manner of a dream. In Ethereal Soldier part 1, delicate, intricate, folk-tinged guitar is combined with Maxine’s atmospheric vocals, while Ethereal Soldier part 3 incorporates a relaxing electronic hum and atmospheric effects. All the Way is heavy proggy blues-rock, featuring jazzy electric piano and spacey ethereal moments. There’s a very lovely segment in this track in which Maxine’s heavily reverbed ‘choir of angels’ vocal style appears alongside neoclassical piano and experimental sound manipulation. This Fragile Peace introduces elements of raw country rock and narrated vocals alongside aspects of prog, blues and experimental music. The Unknown Unknowns is a great melodic and powerful proggy spacerock piece. I’m new to Paradox One so am unsure how this album compares with previous offerings, but it’s clear that the members of Clear Blue Sky and Census of Hallucinations have left their stamp on the music here, which makes this album well worth checking out if you enjoy the music of those bands. Available from, with more info at




LORD LITTER playing ‘Wheat In The Field’ “a truly brilliant collection of musicians”

DON CAMPAU NO PIGEONHOLES RADIO KKUP-FM SF and Monterey Bay area playing ‘The Unknwon Unnowns’ “I’m loving it”

ANDY GARIBALDI featuring Paradox One music on his radio show during May and June starting 9th May rebroadcasting on

GARRY LEE- THE OVERLOAD ‘Waiting In Airports’ playing on show 561 and ‘This Fragile Peace’ on show 562

Introducing Paradox One progressive space music

If you are into progressive music you might like to check out what I and other like-minded people do. It started for me as a member of a prog rock group at university in Dundee but I only returned to writing and playing in the late 1990s. The technology was there to record at home so I produced my first CD ‘Reality Quake’ in the year 2000. I based my next one on the title of Robert Sheckley’s book ‘Dimension of Miracles’ and was in contact with the author before he died. His stories gave me great inspiration for writing music and this is a tradition I continued with over a few other pieces.

Another inspiration was the composer Robert Schumann, a music reviewer like myself, and a troubled individual. If I’m being honest his life interested me more than some of his music although there are brilliant pieces in his portfolio some of which I used. I also liked to promote other ‘one man bands’ (we’ve come a long way since the harmonica and drum strapped on the back) in a series of three CDs entitled ‘Voices’.

My next project was a two CD history of the Stone Premonitions label which was a fascinating project. I am glad to say the label is now back in existence and I am collaborating on a new album with Tim Jones and members of the Stone Premonitions  fraternity, to be released early in 2015 (hopefully).

Some of my music can be heard on my website and I am grateful for the support of internet radio stations and reviewers for their comments and constructive criticism over the years. Particular thanks must go to Stuart Hamilton AKA the rocker, my web master and another who is dedicated to the cause of promoting music. Also to Don Williams from New Zealand, my most constant fan!

My first four CDs went out on the Neurosis label. This is run by Rick Ray AKA the Masked Cartoonist who also drew the covers. Rick lives in Ohio and he and his band get regular gigs supporting many great groups including Robin Trower, a particular hero of mine as Procol Harum is my favourite group and his ‘Bridge of Sighs’ is an enduringly great album .

I am going to stop this brief introduction now in the hope that the reader will be encouraged to discourse on the subject of space rock, progressive rock, the loneliness of the long distance musician, music in general and, who knows, maybe even Paradox One!