Introducing Paradox One progressive space music

If you are into progressive music you might like to check out what I and other like-minded people do. It started for me as a member of a prog rock group at university in Dundee but I only returned to writing and playing in the late 1990s. The technology was there to record at home so I produced my first CD ‘Reality Quake’ in the year 2000. I based my next one on the title of Robert Sheckley’s book ‘Dimension of Miracles’ and was in contact with the author before he died. His stories gave me great inspiration for writing music and this is a tradition I continued with over a few other pieces.

Another inspiration was the composer Robert Schumann, a music reviewer like myself, and a troubled individual. If I’m being honest his life interested me more than some of his music although there are brilliant pieces in his portfolio some of which I used. I also liked to promote other ‘one man bands’ (we’ve come a long way since the harmonica and drum strapped on the back) in a series of three CDs entitled ‘Voices’.

My next project was a two CD history of the Stone Premonitions label which was a fascinating project. I am glad to say the label is now back in existence and I am collaborating on a new album with Tim Jones and members of the Stone Premonitions  fraternity, to be released early in 2015 (hopefully).

Some of my music can be heard on my website and I am grateful for the support of internet radio stations and reviewers for their comments and constructive criticism over the years. Particular thanks must go to Stuart Hamilton AKA the rocker, my web master and another who is dedicated to the cause of promoting music. Also to Don Williams from New Zealand, my most constant fan!

My first four CDs went out on the Neurosis label. This is run by Rick Ray AKA the Masked Cartoonist who also drew the covers. Rick lives in Ohio and he and his band get regular gigs supporting many great groups including Robin Trower, a particular hero of mine as Procol Harum is my favourite group and his ‘Bridge of Sighs’ is an enduringly great album .

I am going to stop this brief introduction now in the hope that the reader will be encouraged to discourse on the subject of space rock, progressive rock, the loneliness of the long distance musician, music in general and, who knows, maybe even Paradox One!