Following his EP ‘Space Elevator’ available for free download on Bandcamp Phil has released a full length 66 minute long album on his ‘7’ label which will also be available through Bandcamp soon. ‘METRO‘ was inspired by the books of Dmitry Glukhovsky, the subject being post apocalyptic survival in the Moscow Metro. ‘METRO‘ is Phil’s most complete work to date, a concept album of five parts on the theme of mutually assured destruction. The music is highly structured with elements of melodic progressive rock and experimental electronica and features a song cycle recounting the recollections of our unnamed narrator as he waits for the end. There are also swathes of colourful improvised passages notably the organ/ moog/ drum improvisations on side five. The album is designed to be listened to as four sides- maybe one day?

Copies are being sent out all over the planet for review and can be obtained from Anyone wishing to support this and future projects may do so by sending £5 by Pay Pal to cover costs for a CD-R with an illustrated card sleeve and case. Please contact if interested.

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