Paradox One – This Fragile Peace review

Peter Jolly has reviewed the new CD on his website, and you can read it over at; Thanks to everyone for their positive comments on ‘This Fragile Peace’ and please considering purchasing it from Stone Premonitions.

If you do please let me know at and I will ensure you get informed of future projects and that you are able to buy them at cost price- that means P&P plus +50p, no more than £3!

These include a reimagining of the Neurosis years (the ‘Reality Quake’, ‘Dimension of Miracles’ and ‘Alternative Reality’) and also a space rock side project as Coronal Mass Ejection. I have been supporting artists through Kickstarter projects recently but this is more of a thank you for purchasing ‘This Fragile Peace’ which features the playing of gifted ex Clear Blue Sky and Vertigo label guitarist John Simms. The more interest and messages of support there is the more impetus there is for us to get on with what we love doing- producing progressive and thought provoking music!

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