Paradox One – video and news

Stone Premonitions is now on Facebook and a marvellous video of the track ‘Waiting In Airports’ featuring Maxine Simms is now on You Tube. Watch below;

This song and others from ‘This Fragile Peace’ are garnering a lot of interest. Please support independent artists by buying CDs from labels like Stone Premonitions. The money you give is used to¬†develop more new music and to keep these loss making enterprises alive- it truly is a labour of love. Kevin Heard’s ‘Timelines’ is a case in point, some of the best 80s music you will hear anywhere but few people know about and it’s nice to see Kevin working on a new space rock album ‘Cydonia’.

Paradox One presents Waiting In Airports from This Fragile Peace

Paradox One presents Waiting In Airports from This Fragile Peace.


For your listening pleasure here is ‘Waiting In Airports‘, track 4 from “This Fragile Peace”.¬† The album is available from, with more info at