Comments on This Fragile Peace by Paradox One

paradox1advert“I don’t claim to be a acid rock aficionado by any means… but I do have an ear for melody and arrangements I think and you certainly excelled on both fronts there. You have put together an impressive band with Maxine, John Simms and Clear Blue Sky.I enjoyed all the album and found more to discover with each play… but I was especially grabbed by ‘Waiting at Airports’.  I mean this as the utmost compliment, but I could hear echoes of Gary Numan in there.  I’ve seen him a few times live in recent years and love the way he’s reinvented himself and his music, with his industrial/electronic sound… I could definitely hear him having a crack at ‘Airports’.  Likewise, Berlin-era Bowie… it has that human/machine/nihilistic quality that is hard to explain, but very appealing. Thanks for rekindling my interest in prog.”

(Simon Felton- Garfield’s Birthday and Pink Hedgehog label).

Download and CD available at Bandcamp