Reality Quake – free mp3 from Paradox One

The latest free mp3 from Paradox One, is the title track to “Reality Quake”.  You can get your weekly spacerock fix over at Bandcamp.

Reality Quake / Dimension Of Miracles


What’s that smell? It’s a “Psychosmell” – free mp3 from Paradox One

What’s that smell? It’s a “Psychosmell” – free mp3 from Paradox One.

Yes, enjoy more tuneage over at Bandcamp.

The original covers, designed by Rick Ray, for Paradox One’s first two releases on the Neurosis label (Ohio) presented here for free listening in remade/ remodelled form. These originate in the year 2000 and 2002 and in 2015 have undergone a transformation resulting in a 41:50 version of ‘Reality Quake’ and a 38:00 version of ‘Dimension of Miracles’.

Paradox One artwork

Another track from Paradox One at Bandcamp

Paradox One
Head over to the Bandcamp page to get another free piece of music from the Reality Quake / Dimensions Of Miracles reissues.  You can also order a 2 disc CD-R (at cost price) containing both albums and EPs.

This week it’s part of the Crompton Divided suite- Surrealistic Dungeons of the Mind/ Nightmares of the Air/ Psychosmell; Reality Quake; Crompton Divided; Dan the Man; Loomis the Hedonist (creepily electronic, evocative synth lines ebb and flow, Reality Quake is a short guitar song with vocals, title track is electronic rock/ jazz with electric piano; Dan the Man is riff rock with rumbling drums, Loomis has bass synth, drums and narrative. Enjoy the trip!

More music from Paradox One

Reality Quake / Dimension Of Miracles
Reality Quake / Dimension Of Miracles

2 disc CD-R containing both albums and EPs. New downloads will be available every week, CD-R orders will receive all the music on 2 discs.  There is another free tune available over at Bandcamp.

The first CD ‘reality Quake’ (2000) was well received and got much radio play as did the second, ‘Dimension of Miracles’ (2002). Start anywhere you like. Side one of ‘Reality Quake’ is intended as a suite followed by a reinvention of some of Schumann’s music. ‘Childhood’s End’ is based on Arthur C Clarke’s story, ‘Urbmon 116’ on Robert Silverberg’s ‘The World Inside’ while ‘Crompton’s Divide’ (also a mini suite) is based on Bob Sheckley’s book. ‘The End Of All Things’ is old fashioned organ riff rock while the rest is largely progressive synth scattered with wild guitar, organ and piano breaks and hook-lines, as is all the music. 

‘Dimension of Miracles’ awaits with more sci-fi references, mostly Bob Sheckley. There is a guitar based riffer with a salutary message, ‘Big Brother’ and a ‘tragic realm’ of Elizabethan 
proportions inspired by Giles Milton’s depiction of adventurers of the time. Or you might prefer an eerie evocation of ‘Quatermass’ or another Schumann interpretative piece ‘Out of The Void’. The past is presented with additional organ, piano, vocals and judicious edits.

On CD 2 you can take an escalator to Mars or gaze at a Martian mountain or even visit ‘Lindisfarne’ inspired by a sunny day there, a piece of which I am particularly proud. Among the crazy organ, synth and piano solos and extemporisations there are- acoustic guitars! You can feel the electronic pulse of ‘An Orison of Somni’ (based on part of ‘Cloud Atlas’) or hear an extended version of the synth mayhem that is ‘Son of Little Green Men’ with additional organ. ‘Angel Song in Neon’ has additional Wurlitzer and coruscating organ and guitar. You can listen to the group stuff on ‘Dimensions’ and ‘Regeneration’ and an improvised ‘Black Hole’. Drop in on alien conversations or hear a heart wrenching piano ballad (‘Invisible’). Hear synths that are analog or think they are, remembering that despite the somewhat uncompromising nature of 
some of the music, there is always melody and structure and dark- and light.