URBMON 116 – I CALL EARTH BUT EARTH DOES NOT RESPOND – Coming soon from Paradox One





 Urbmon 116 (2016)

Side One

Until Hell Freezes Over (8:20): Phil with rhythm section of Tim + Paddi:

Many did not think they would survive the Cuban missile crisis– this piece conveys the anxiety, the waiting, the paranoia, the Russian choir performs Mussorsgky’s ‘At Daddy’s Gate’ and reminds us of Russia’s great culture while an anvil sounds to remind us of darker moments.

Fragile Piece (4:30):  Phil with Tim and Paddi– a variant of ‘This Fragile Peace’ from the pArAdOx OnE album– I just took a different road, that’s all.

Hope (2:30): A one take expression of …? (Phil alone)

The Bodyswerve (6:40): Designed for hip exercise (that’s hip not hip!) (Phil with Tim and Paddi)

Calling Earth But/ Earth Does Not Respond (long!): You’ve seen ‘The Martian’- right? Who doesn’t fantasise about being lost in space? But why is the alien calling Earth while its planet implodes?- totally improvised first take on an old Juno synthesiser.

Look out for the next Urbmon 116 releases on asteroids and escalators into space (an Arthur C Clarke idea)

Music will soon be available on www.paradoxone.co.uk and Bandcamp – free but donations are welcome– see also my Solo artists group on Progressive Ears website.

Do get in touch.


Another ‘7’ Recording


Reality Quake / Dimension of Miracles complete – free MP3 album

Reality Quake / Dimension of Miracles complete.

The entire album remix / reissue is now available on Bandcamp.  For free!

Watch the skies for new music soon, in the guise of Urbmon 116.


Tragic Realm – free MP3 from Paradox One

Tragic Realm (a tragic realm indeed, inspired by Giles Milton’s stories of Elizabeth I’s wayfarers, tales of drunkenness and cruelty, time for a thundering riff or two- heave ho!).

Get your free tune at Bandcamp.


Paradox One retrospective – Aural Innovations review

Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations has reviewed the new reworked retrospective.  He says;

“All of this music is new to me but it’s very much in the spirit of Reality Quake and Dimension Of Miracle and once again there’s lots of interesting variety and thematic development. We’ve got high intensity rumbling Space Rock, fun freaky alien Psychedelic loop and effects bits, darkly melodic Progressive Rock with wailing fuzz keys, floating yet rhythmic space electronica, a funky grooving soulful jam, 70’s styled Prog and Jazz infused Hard Rock, a cool spacey Jazz-Psych jam, a hip shakin’ Space-Rave, and more. Fun stuff!”

Read the full review here.

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