Paradox One: ADVENT 40 2015 the first 2 dozen- more to follow!

ADVENT 40 2015 the first 2 dozen- more to follow!

Dadvent1ifficult choices to be made this year! Please note that most of these releases have been reviewed for Acid Dragon magazine where more information can be found. Alternatively please e-mail me at for more information or simply to have a chat- now that would be nice! So, in no particular order here goes:

Space Debris: ‘At Finkenbach 2012’

Paisadvent2ley Tree- Paisley Tree (Green Brain)

Magic Bus Can’t wait for Transmission from Sogmore’s Garden’. Meanwhile the Seven Wonders’ 7” from Fruits De Mer is a wonderful modernised take on some Canterbury greats.

Krautzone: The Complete Works’ 2 CD set space rock on Dave Schmidt AKA Sula Bassana’s label. COMP

Anthony Phillips: “Private Parts and Pieces” 5 CD boxset (Esoteric) COMP

Census of Hallucinations: “Nothing Is As It Seems” (Stone Premonitions)

Guapo: Obscure Knowledge (Cuneiform)

Dave Sturt: “Dreams & Absurdities” (Esoteric Antenna)

Giöbia’s ‘Magnifier’ (more space/ psych rock from Sula Basasna’s label)

Kermit “Litoral” (actually from 2014 but the CD was lying around unreviewed and I liked it so much I bought vinyl copies of two of Kermit’s albums) (Itaca Records)

advent3Necromonkey: Live At Pianos, NYC” (Roth Handle Recordings- Mattias Olsson and co in improvisational mood).

Garfield’s Birthday: “You Are Here” (Pink Hedgehog)

Gothic Chicken- s/t (Pink Hedgehog)

The Chemistry Set ‘The Endless More And More’ (Fruits De Mer)

Ozric Tentacles’ ‘Technicians of the Sacred (Madfish)advent4

Spring: ‘Spring’ (Esoteric) RI

Stephen W Tayler “Ostinato” (Esoteric Antenna)

Tatvamasi ‘Parts of the Entirety’ (Cuneiform)

The Inexperienced “Too Inexperienced” (Pink Hedgehog)

Kevin Heard: ‘Timelines’ (Stone Premonitions)

Steven Wilson: “Hand. Cannot. Erase” (K Scope)

Gong “I See You” (Madfish)

Procol Harum- ‘Procol Harum’ and ‘A Salty Dog’ (Esoteric) RI

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