Another track from Paradox One at Bandcamp

Paradox One
Head over to the Bandcamp page to get another free piece of music from the Reality Quake / Dimensions Of Miracles reissues.  You can also order a 2 disc CD-R (at cost price) containing both albums and EPs.

This week it’s part of the Crompton Divided suite- Surrealistic Dungeons of the Mind/ Nightmares of the Air/ Psychosmell; Reality Quake; Crompton Divided; Dan the Man; Loomis the Hedonist (creepily electronic, evocative synth lines ebb and flow, Reality Quake is a short guitar song with vocals, title track is electronic rock/ jazz with electric piano; Dan the Man is riff rock with rumbling drums, Loomis has bass synth, drums and narrative. Enjoy the trip!


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