pAraDoX OnE is back in action!

pAraDoX OnE is back in action!

After a period of silence and four years since the last release a new album will emerge in the autumn entitled ‘This Fragile Peace’. On it Phil is honoured to be accompanied by two members of Census of Hallucinations, Tim Jones and Paddi. Details regarding sleeve, label and distribution have still to be worked out. Tim is working on the production at the moment.

This is hopefully the start of a period of more intense activity with Phil beginning work on a second project with Tim and Paddi and also recreating earlier releases along with unreleased. This will cover the usual eclectic range of musical styles.

A run-down on the track listing is as follows (order undecided):

Until Hell Freezes Over (c 6/7 minutes) depicting the chaos, fear and uncertainty of the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis, instrumental with archive sound samples;

Perdido Street (c 4m 30 sec) inspired by the dysfunctional world created by China Melville in his brilliant book. Depicts that feeling of dislocation many of us feel, lyrics informed by an early morning walk among the nooks and crannies of a big city;

Regrets (around 4 minutes) this is a very personal ‘song’ about regret and longing;

Waiting in Airports (c 7 minutes) inspired by Richard Gorman’s poem, work took me into aeroplanes last year more than at any time in my life and Richard’s words caught the feeling perfectly;

Lament for the Village of Cam Ne 5/8/1965 (c 5 minutes) Just look at what’s happening in the world right now- what has been learned? Correspondent Morley Safer’s haunting account is backed by guitar and preceded by two brief piano vignettes;

This Fragile Peace (c 2 minutes) This is the way I feel on a personal and world level, just me on guitar with a poem and a sample;

Revolution #10 (c 8 minutes) Somebody had to do it- yes, it is musique concrete but with some nice melodies as well- in 4 parts: i) Fug and Babel ii) They Were So Happy They Were Breaking Glasses iii) Abnormal Road and iv) An Aching.

Hopefully as well we can have some tracks on the site before long. Meanwhile, anyone wishing a review copy as always e-mail Phil at

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